If you are looking for SEO services in Bangkok/Thailand , then I have all you need. Having been in the business long enough, I have the expertise and experience that you need to bring you tons of clients.

What makes me convinced that I have what it takes is out of not only the skills and professionalism, there is more to it. First, I did not wake up and take to changing search marketing industry all at once by just announcing my ability and reliability. Continue reading as I share my journey through the industry with you so that you can understand what I mean.
ranking skyrocket as a result of continuous testing
Just as anybody else starts by learning whatever they do, I started by reading the field in depth. With learning, applying, testing and documenting every single move I made, I put everything together, even the results, way before I started working with clients. This is why I say I do not use clients’ money to learn the ways of the search marketing world; rather, I use proven results to give them the quality for their money.

Well, it is not as if I do not work in advancing either. I continually update and further my professionalism over time. This is something I do, and which is necessary, especially with the dynamic internet landscape, which necessitates a permanent move to stay up to date on every matter. This unpredictability of the web is what makes it necessary that you let someone who has better knowledge of the online marketing to be in charge of your marketing since it is unlikely such a person will concede mistakes that may devastate your business.

A little background

I have been in this business for a good time now; working with big businesses and helping them grow their scoop with search engine optimization. What’s more, besides having worked with multi-million dollar businesses, I have also worked for the SEO agencies themselves. Several Thai SEO companies, not only in Bangkok but also in such big cities as Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai, have hired me repeatedly to do the task they could not finish for their clients. What amazes me the most is the way some of the largest companies are unaware of so many things. While most of them are perfect in marketing and working with clients, they seem to be totally uninformed about search engine optimization. This means you can cooperate with them, but it is possible they will not be able to get you positive results.
picture - bigger is not always better
image source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gW0JK5LNXlk

What I mean here is that, well, these companies may be good at such aspects as coding and website design. However, that covers only but a speck of what online marketing is made of, and is therefore not inclusive enough to be reliable. Therefore, these companies may be convinced that they are doing what they actually should do, but they may leave the reality that the industry comprises other aspects too on the other side.

In one particular case, a company I was working for claimed that they had “already optimized” their client’s website. Allegedly, this was done by placing the keywords desired by the client into the metadata on the site. Further, they had ensured that they had put the said keywords in the content in several pages and posts online.

When I asked what else they had done, they were out of words, as if they did not quite understand my question. Therefore, I went ahead to ask if they had only used the keywords or they went a step further to intersperse LSI terms or even synonyms, whether they had used related words or incorporated them into the pages, as well as other aspects as tags. Besides, I also inquired if they had interlinked related pages or got accounts on Yelp and Trip Advisor for them, or went to work on Social Media presence.

I asked about such things and others that you would learn more about them somewhere on this site. What they told me was that they did not take matters that far, since they were not entirely sure about how they could go about it.

This is just a bit, of what I mean when I say that larger firms are not always committed to advancing and adding practices that can help their customers in search marketing. In our case, all that this company was up to next was to simply get some Pay Per Click ads for their client and expect the best of results. The hard reality is that such a move would have created further and unnecessary costs on the customer that may not help that much....
Well, this brings another concept about pricing

Price is among the common issues that come up when it comes to any service. In this aspect, I do offer a variety of options, which makes what you are looking for be the determinant. Before stating my bid, I have to consult with you and know what your specific requirements are so that I can know where we range. The first and foremost thing is your goals; it could be you are looking for a simple upgrade of a site to look awesome on a mobile device.

This is one thing you need to look for, because with the current development of Smartphone. This can be very handy not only in helping in the look of your site on a phone or tablet but also in allowing better functioning for your visitors to enjoy a unique user experience. Therefore, if you are developing a site that will work on mobile, it will attract a considerable cost. pricing

It could be you want someone to start and manage a social media campaign for you. Well, not all businesses require one, but many of them need the service. Take, for instance, if you are operating a corner deli and want to boost your lunchtime business, you may thus need a Facebook page where you can post weekly on your lunchtime specials. The good news is that I can do that for you, and go ahead to help you in managing it, or educate one of your staff on how to maintain it so that you can get relief on having to keep paying me for the service.

In the case of an e-commerce business, you may feel that you are getting the level of sales that you would rather have. Well, you may be offering the right products, and at the right price, but you still feel you are not getting the business you believe you should. I can sort that one too. I have this package deal, where I can conduct an analysis of the appearance of your business in major search engine results, like in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and looking the terms abiding too.

Take for instance when users are searching for a certain product online, in which case your site should be on the first page. However, for some unknown reasons, your site does not appear anywhere people could see. This is disappointing, and you need help; well, this is where I come in. I will do an analysis to identify where your site is missing the point and find out why this is so. Several strategies can help in such a situation, but it all starts with a diagnosis of the underlying issues and sorting them out.

In one case recently, a client wanted to dominate the first search engine page, so I did that for him. Look at the picture to get what I mean.

Apparently, the client owns 3 spots on the first page of Google.co.th, thanks to his primary keyword. I can do this for you too; it all depends on what you want.

sample ranking

Moreover, we can also discuss the specific needs of your company. See, besides placing your website on the front line, I can also create and optimize YouTube videos to add value to your customers, as well as creating and managing social media accounts for you. If Pinterest and Instagram can work for your business, I got you covered too. That is not all I can do if you are looking for reputation management, web design, PPC, SEO marketing reports for existing websites and any other traffic generation you prefer.

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All you need to do now is contact us through email or call in for SEO consultant. You need to get a pro in the field to get the job done for you. If you go for the wrong services, you may end up disappointed. The best part about this business is that I will be able to help regardless of your location. We can get in touch via Skype, webinars, phone call or email. You can as well get the advantage of my monthly webinars too, which my clients like the most¬. For local clients, we can arrange and meet in person if you wish so.

It will be my pleasure working on your existing website, although I will need to do some analysis to sort out any damage by the previous development. Alternatively, I can build a new website for you, and then establish your stand on the search engine. Most of us pros have all it takes to get you there. All I need is know how I may help, and I will be glad to step into action.

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